Humane fishing- a must for flyfishermen

When fishing our beautiful rivers, be aware that these trout need a long time to grow up in the cold waters. To preserve these natural stocks, the daily catch must be limited and any precautions should be taken not to bless or harm the fish that takes your fly.

Please note that Swiss animal welfare legislation is applicable on fish and states:

- fishing with barbless hooks only (exceptions in lakes possible)
- no C&R fishing waters allowed (nevertheless, you may put back fish with high ecological value, if not seriously harmed)
- seriously harmed fish have to be killed immediately
- for fishing permits longer than 1 month you need a proof of capability (lessons minimal 3 hours with exam)

Furthermore, you have to do all what is possible to reduce any harm to the fish

- drill as short as possible
- fishing only where you can put back the fish gently (do not throw back)
- try whenever possible to unhook in the water
- never touch a fish with dry hands

Under certain circumstances, the fish in the mountain rivers take the fly eagerly. On these days, we suggest to fly-fish without hooks, whenever not fishing for a trout you want to keep. This may be a new experience for most fishermen, but believe me, it's great fun and will never harm any fish.

Read the newspaper story "Hookless Fly-Fishing Is a Humane Advance " as published by Pete Bodo in "The New York Times "

See the video on teasing a fish- and then just try it Teasing fly


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