Evolution "Progressiv". Beautiful fly fishing rod made of 13 cane stripes . Tiger flamed tonkin cane, grip made of birch bark.. Nickelsilver ferrules. Reel seat and winding check in bronze. The sensitive action combined with it's lenght of 7 foot (2.28 m) makes this rod ideal to fish medium sized rivers as well as our beautiful mountain creeks. To be fished with lines # 5-6. CHF 1690.- ZU
 La Sarine deluxe   La Sarine deluxe- a strong but delicate rod for bigger waters. Works best with lines 4-5 for fine presentations of your fly, but is able to cast full lenght lines 6 or even 7. Semiparabolic action. Top- finish with titannitrite guides, brass ferrules, handmade reel seat. Delivered in a bamboo rod tube with beautiful graphics. CHF 1790.-RF

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